Starting Off! The Millennial Responsibility

A part of Generation Y or Millennials, I am, born between 1980 to 2000. (1989 to be precise!)

Found this link interesting:

This generation is supposedly the most pampered and have the privilege to follow their passions. Hmm! Someone with such opportunities should return the favour back to the World. A few of them have already begun. But, most of them are figuring out how to do it. I belong to the bigger group, still figuring out what to do, how to impact the world, how to make it a better place.

This blog is to record my searches, learnings, attempts, successes and failures on this journey to build a better World. This blog is to connect to others with same thoughts and goals. This blog is to brainstorm ideas and execute them. Finally, this blog is to Give, for there is more pleasure and satisfaction in giving than in getting.

Lets start giving back!