I am Gautham Vijaysankar Raja, born June 24, 1989, at Rajapalayam, India.

Since my teen days, I used to wonder what my ultimate goal was. It fluctuated back and forth.

I started off as a Programmer, which I slowly started hating. Then, I became a Faculty for SAP trainees, which I hated as well, mostly because I did not like SAP. Then, I made Short Films, then into User Experience Design and again now I’m interested in Programming. Shockingly, I’m also getting interested in Finance, Electronics and Human Physiology.

After a lot of thinking, I came to a conclusion that passion towards profession restricts human potential. A human can possibly do anything he sets his mind to. All it needs is the right amount of focus. If a person sets his passion as Art or Engineering or Philosophy, it narrows his mind to one subject. I started believing this because I see a lot of examples around me. It is not bad to get specialized in one subject. I am not against it. But, I do not want to be that. I want to know as much as I can. I want to make connections across subjects. I want to go diverse and innovate.

This is where I realized, the passion should be towards living a meaningful and happy life. Once, I realized my real passion, things started changing. I did not want to help myself earn more and live comfortably. I wanted to give. I wanted others to be happy and that’s when a lot of ideas started popping up. I realized the need to document this journey and the result is this blog!


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