What is a Better World?

So, I am on a mission to make this world better. What do I refer to when I say “World”? What do I mean by “better”?  By World, I refer to everything here. The natural resources, atmosphere, flora and fauna of Mother Earth. To explain what I mean by “better” requires a lot more words.

To know what “better” is, we should first understand what the current status is. The story goes like this. A lot of chemical reactions and atmospheric changes enabled the formation of life in Earth. Some say, this theory is wrong and life came from some other planet. But, that’s not our topic. Either you believe in evolution or not, Earth has millions of known species and 90% still undiscovered. http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110823/full/news.2011.498.html

Earth has a sustainable environment. It had its share of Dinosaur extinction and Ice age, but after that, its been going smooth for a long time. The sustainability is going for a toss these days, after we, humans, started claiming unwanted ownership. According to a research, 80% of world’s wealth is controlled by only 20% of the population. Colonization, slave trade, wars, poverty, pollution and a lot more man-made chaos are a result of this extra ownership mindset. We call this greediness.

Animals claim ownership of their territory too. But, they do not hunt for the sake of hunting or graze for the sake of grazing. They eat to live. When humans reversed this, Earth has started on its path towards un-sustainability. Whenever resources are not optimally used, we lose balance.

So, by “better”, I am talking about a world where resources are used optimally. By better world, I mean a self-sustaining healthy world. Lets explore more on how to get there in my upcoming posts.


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